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January 22, 2008


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Molly Prier

I contacted you in mid August to get your arabinoglactin powder for my 14 year old lab, Flicker, who was doing very very poorly--she could only walk about half a block and had little spirit. Within a few days of starting on the powder she could walk three times as far and her whole spirit lifted. We had to put our sweet sweet Flicker down on January 19th. I feel that your Source One Natural arabinoglactin powder gave us five months together that we would not have had without it. Thank you so very much. (And now I am taking it myself!)

K. Jeppesen

My Doctor says that I have aquired an auto immune disease called Dermatomyocytitis. I have been on predisone and for the past two months methotrexate added. Feel like crap most of the time. Both meds have side effects for me. Has anyone taken Immuneone for something like what I have? Have been on my meds for almost nine months now.

Renee Henry

I just gave my four year old husky, Bleu his first dose of IMMUNE ONE after having 8 of his claws removed by suspected onychodystrophy lupus yesterday. My husband and I have thought that Bleu is an allergy sufferer and have tried to eliminate chicken from his diet, but chicken fat is used as a preservative in many canine products. So allergy issues have been an issue for us.I am very expectant of great results and plan on starting my nine year old husky, Thumper on Immune One powder in conjunction with the joint powder as she has joint issues and some arthritis. I may also join the pack and start taking Immune One as I have thyroid issues and have been on medication for ten years. Love it that CHOW DOWN pet supplies carries these products here in Grand Junction, CO. and that the employee's and owner's there are up to speed on products that help my "children". Looking forward to commenting in the near future of the great results all of us experience with this product!

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