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May 19, 2008


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Carl Schroeder

In my experience, the immune one powder from source one is almost a "miracle cure" for the symptoms of Chron's disease. I had a colonoscopy a few month ago, as part of a general health checkup, and was diagnosed with Chron's disease. I'd never heard of it before, but the doctor said I had classic symptoms. When I was diagnosed with Chron's disease my doctor prescribed medicine for it. By coincidence a few days earlier my son had given me some immune one powder, saying it has all kinds of health benefits including for the digestive system. My prescription medicine comes through the mail, so I didn't have the medicine for Chron's disease immediately. I decided to give the immune one powder a try the same day my doctor gave me the diagnosis and my symptoms totally disappeared before the prescription arrived in the mail. The information that came with the prescribed medicine listed some side effects I didn't like, so I decided to rely on the powder and not take the medicine. My doctor concurred. He said if the immune one powder has eliminated my symptoms there's no need to take the medicine. I'm always skeptical of claims of "miracle cures" but in my case the immune one powder from Source One cured my symptoms of Chron's disease so quickly--symptoms I'd been experiencing for a year or more--that it comes very close to seeming like a miracle cure.

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